opening the store

We open a Cash & Carry store in Prague's Žižkov district and warehouse space of 1,000 m² at the same location. 


Launching eshop

We run B2B e-shop for convenient shopping with guaranteed delivery within 24 hours. Customers have free delivery when shopping via e-shop.


Warehouse increase

We are increasing the storage capacity to 5,000 m². We create a division for import and export of goods. We are adding Hershey’s and Korona brands to our exclusive representation.


Growth in distribution

We expand distribution in Central Bohemia. We employ a total of fifty people, using 20 vehicles. Dan Cake has been added to exclusive representation.


streamlining processes

The rapid development of the company implies a constant focus on further streamlining processes, whether in warehouse logistics, administration or distribution. Merba and Tago are added to the exclusive representation. Since May 2019 opened section chilled, frozen goods.